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Our Mission

Our mission is very simple: improving security in the cyberspace by allowing everyone, regardless of their technical level and budget, to access security tools that help bulletproof their assets.

What is Vulnscanner AI

Vulnscanner AI is a Cybersecurity tool that catalogs and evaluates your assets' vulnerabilities leveraging AI technology.
By establishing a remote connection to your website Vulnscanner AI combs publicly accessible areas in search of specific datapoints. Our advanced algorithm analyzes the data on the fly by matching patterns to known vulnerabilities. Then, it provides results that are easy to understand at a glance so that you can take action and make your systems secure.
a rocketship into space
a rocketship into space

We can Help

At Vulnscanner AI, we believe that Cyber Security should talk in simple terms. Cybersecurity should not be hard to understand, everybody deserves to be secure, not just companies with big budgets and people with high technical knowledge.

  • Vulnscanner AI focuses on providing easy to understand assessments and guided solutions.

  • Vulnscanner AI only access publicly available areas, in the same way an hacker would anonymously do during their recon phase. This means that we will find the same information that hackers would.

  • Vulnscanner AI does not retrieve any private data from your systems while checking for vulnerabilities. This means that your system will not be compromised, and your private data will never be accessed.

Behind Vulnscanner AI

Vulnscanner AI was ideated and created by me, Simone Onorato, an Analyst with a decade of experience with WordPress and an addiction for problem-solving and helping others.
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